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Plastic Rocks
Plastic rocks are perfect for your business, home or anywhere you need decorative landscaping rocks, want the ability to adjust and change the placement without the use of a crane or heavy equipment.

Made of high-grade recycled plastic, and molded in multiples of sizes and colors to meet your needs. Plastic rocks are lightweight and very durable and are made to handle extreme conditions and summer heat. Plastic rocks can be used in any area, and sizes are available to fit your needs. They also work well as safety makers for homes and businesses along corners or in high traffic areas.


Plastic Safety Markers
Plastic Safety Markers are made of high-grade recycled plastic and come equipped with multiple reflectors to make backing up and driveway safety a little easier. Plastic Safety Markers stand approximately 2.5 ft high. The Plastic Safety Markers are made to protect your home, business or lawn.



COMING SOON: Decorative Stone Pebbles
Decorative stone pebbles for home and garden. Plastic pebbles are an excellent replacement in a decorative setting to replace mulch, stones, rocks, pebbles for your home and garden.



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