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Plastic Products
Plastic Products, Inc. is a vastly growing company in the Plastic Pallet and Plastic Materials market. We have proven ourselves as a growing factor in the market today. We are working towards becoming a dominant force in the Plastic Pallets and Lumber market as well as other plastic products such as Plastic Rocks and Safety Equipment. We offer a wide variety of products from

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Stackable CP-1
Single Faced Pallet

Rackable CR-11
Double Faced Pallet

Plastic Lumber

Plastic Rocks and Other Products

Advantages of Plastic Products

  • Life-Cycle Costs
  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Sanitation
  • Safety
  • Design Flexibility
  • Environmental Benefits and Low Maintenance
  • Savings from Reduced Breakage and Loading Delays

Today people are living longer and keeping better care of their homes and businesses. This has caused an increase in the need for quality lumber to rise. Due to the outbreak of bugs and infestations of other creatures good lumber and wood products are hard to get in a large amount. Plastic products are making the things we build last longer and stronger. Plastic pallets and materials are making it possible to change the way we ship products and food, build decks, homes and other creations.


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